Petition launched calling on Canada’s Health Minister to initiate pilot program to speed up approval process for new ALS therapies

Published November 8, 2020

Canada’s ALS community has launched a Petition (e-2971) calling on Patty Hajdu, Canada’s Health Minister, to initiate a pilot program to speed up the approval process for new ALS therapies.

The development of ALS treatments is at a tipping point. Over 90 treatments are in clinical trials, and a half a dozen treatments will likely be seeking approval in 2021. Observers have been awed by anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of stem cell treatment, and other treatments have shown remarkable results in slowing or even stopping certain forms of ALS. However, recent experience shows that, following approval by Health Canada, it takes an additional 18 to 24 months or more to make an ALS treatment available to Canadian patients in Canada. This is not acceptable and we are looking for accelerated approval pathways.