NDP MP Heather McPherson joins federal ALS Caucus

Published January 22, 2021

NDP MP Heather McPherson has joined the federal ALS Caucus. She represents the Edmonton Strathcona riding in Alberta.

McPherson is the 15th member of the federal ALS Caucus, which is chaired by Francis Drouin (Lib). All 15 members are listed below.

McPherson is also the MP who sponsored the ALS treatments Petition that was signed by ~26,000 Canadians.

ALS Caucus Members

Francis Drouin (Lib)
Ginette Petitpas Taylor (Lib)
James Cumming (CPC)
Jenica Atwin (Green)
Judy Sgro (Lib)
Kevin Waugh (CPC)
Marcus Pwlowski (Lib)
Marie-Hélène Gaudreau (BQ)
Tony Van Bynen (Lib)
Carol Hughes (NDP)
Tom Kmiec (CPC)
Marc G Serre (Lib)
Todd Doherty (CPC)
Kerry-Lynne Findlay (CPC)
Heather McPherson (NDP)