ALS Action Canada is asking for your help to end ALS forever.

Right now, over 3,000 families in Canada are affected by this devastating disease, and 1,000 more receive this diagnosis every year.

Currently, there is no cure. But for the first time ever, there IS hope.

A highly-promising new drug treatment, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals’ Albrioza (AMX0035) was recently approved by Health Canada and is slowly moving through the regulatory process for pricing and provincial coverage–and we are fighting hard for this process to happen fast, so people with ALS don’t die waiting for access.

In addition, there are 80+ clinical trials underway worldwide that are testing experimental drugs, and doing exciting research that may lead to even more new treatments.

We are asking for your help to join us in this fight!

All funds raised will go towards ALS Action Canada’s work to:

  • Fight for faster and more equitable access by Canadians with ALS to promising new drug therapies 
  • Fight for healthcare plan coverage for ALS drugs and treatments in every province
  • Bring more and better-designed clinical trials to Canada
  • Urge the federal and provincial governments to meaningfully fund ALS research in Canada, NOW

ALS is a ticking time bomb, and families impacted by ALS don’t have time to waste.

ALSAC is a registered nonprofit and we are applying for charitable status.

All donations will receive a Canadian tax receipt through Charitable Impact, our donation platform partner.

Thank you for your support of Canadian families with ALS!


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